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Blueprint Staff

  • Jim Newton

    Jim Newton


    Jim Newton is a veteran author and journalist who spent 25 years as a reporter, editor, bureau chief, editorial page editor and columnist at the Los Angeles Times. He is the author of three critically acclaimed books of biography and history, and he teaches at UCLA.

  • Richard E. Meyer

    Richard E. Meyer

    Senior Editor

    Meyer has been a White House correspondent and national news features writer for the Associated Press and a roving national correspondent and editor of long-form narratives at the Los Angeles Times. He has written two stories that were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize and edited two that won. At Los Angeles magazine, he acquired and edited a story that won the National Magazine Award. He has won the Sigma Delta Chi award for magazine reporting and shared the Merriman Smith Award for deadline writing and the Worth Bingham Prize for investigative reporting.

  • Elizabeth Kivowitz Boatright-Simon

    Elizabeth Kivowitz Boatright-Simon

    Executive Director, Communications & Advocacy

    Elizabeth Boatright-Simon works in UCLA Government & Community Relations and has previously worked for the L.A. Mayor’s Office and The Broad Foundation. She has also done advance for presidential campaigns and The White House.

  • Rent Control

    Rent Control

    Art Direction and Design

    Rent Control is a design and branding studio with offices in Orange County, CA and Portland, OR. The folks at Rent Control create, collaborate and live life by the simple motto, “Be Good.”

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    Noma Bar


  • David Sprague

    David Sprague


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    Brian Harris

    Office Manager

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    Les Dunseith


  • Lisa Fung Writer

  • Bill Boyarsky Contributor

  • Molly Selvin Writer

  • Nona Yates Researcher

  • Jean Merl

  • Kathleen Kelleher Writer

  • Jon Thurber Writer

UCLA Administration

  • Gene BlockChancellor

  • Gary M. SeguraDean, Luskin School of Public Affairs

UCLA Blueprint was conceived and created by an extraordinary group of talented people. Chief among them was Alex Boekelheide, who participated in every major decision regarding the creation and launch of this magazine and whose cheerful professionalism is a godsend to me and our colleagues.

On the editorial side, I am indebted, and not for the first time, to the legendary Rick Meyer, my colleague for more than 20 years at the Los Angeles Times. Generations of Times journalists (including me) benefited from Rick’s generous and graceful work; now, it is the contributors to Blueprint who enjoy those same gifts. And our copy chief, Lisa Horowitz, edits every word of this magazine, improving every story with her touch.

Along with our colleagues at the design firm Rent Control, two visual artists give Blueprint its look. David Sprague produces its arresting photographs. And Noma Bar, our gifted illustrator, created the magazine’s texture with his thought-provoking and visually arresting illustrations, beginning with the first issue and continuing through this one.

Behind the scenes, dozens of people have contributed their time and expertise, in areas ranging from web design to distribution to event planning. In addition to those listed as staff and contributors, among those whose work is particularly significant are Jim Poore, Powell Michael, Kate Halkett, Marisa Feng, Laura Heller, Heather Henderson, Jessica Lander, Sakol Mongkolkasetarin and Shilo Munk.

I am personally grateful to all of the above. There would be no Blueprint without them.

– Jim Newton